Paul Douglas & Todd Frostad

Ambitious leaders.

Paul Douglas, one of the most trusted and recognizable meteorologists in the country for over 30 years, and Todd Frostad, an innovative executive, marketer and real estate pioneer, teamed up to develop Media Logic Group. The result is one of the most sophisticated families of companies and combinations of expertise in the industry. Their unyielding aspiration is what drives the entire team to produce and provide the best solutions for weather content available.

The HAMweather Developer Team led by Lee Huffman

Inventive architects.

Led by Lee Huffman, the founder of HAMweather, this talented team of developers has stretched the boundaries of what can be done with something as seemingly simple as weather. Coming from a diverse variety of backgrounds, including graphic design, meteorology, architecture, and network engineering, the team brings great perspective on how to bend the data, visualize the weather, and simply tell the story. Truly class acts.

Front: Susie Martin, Paul Douglas, Gretchen Mishek, Kristin Clark, Aaron Shaffer
Back: Bryan Karrick, Katie Ferrier, Rob Koch, Addison Green, Todd Nelson
Not Pictured: Mace Michaels, Miranda Hilgers

Dynamic storytellers.

Our staff of meteorologists aren't just a group of pretty faces. Although they are quite stunning, they are hand-picked by Paul Douglas, talented and educated meteorologists. Weather geeks if you may. Each brings their own flare, their own way to tell the weather story, but most importantly they bring expertise. You can trust that the team behind the Media Logic Group family of companies takes the weather seriously.

What makes HAMweather tick?

With an unbeatable combination of fearless leadership and ruthless drive, HAMweather's mission is to be the most dependable weather source in the country. Founded by Lee Huffman in 1996, the company gained a strong following, originating with novice weather developers and hobbyists and quickly emerging as the leading weather content provider for major companies around the world. It quickly became one of the most trusted brands in the weather industry.

There is no question why it caught the eye of Paul Douglas and Todd Frostad in 2009. Today, with an unparalleled team of developers and a 24x7 staff of meteorologists, HAMweather continues to push the envelope. Moving beyond the weather-in-a-box days of the company's roots, the team strives towards creating some of the most game-changing tools in the weather industry today.

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