Aeris Weather API

Effortless integration of weather for your applications.

Enhanced weather.

As one of the most complete weather APIs available, Aeris gives you detailed and comprehensive data, because weather is more than just a simple five-day forecast.

Easy. Flexible.

A streamlined and flexible weather interface that seamlessly integrates into all of your applications.

Dig deeper.

Advanced geospatial and location search capabilities combined with high-resolution weather data ensures you only get what you need.

Seamless integration.

Our Aeris Weather API comes with a set of advanced and flexible toolkits to help you get started using your weather data quickly. The Aeris Mobile toolkits allow developers to implement Aeris weather into their iOS and Android applications and includes pre-built views for even easier integration. For the web, we offer Aeris Web, a wide selection of JavaScript widgets and PHP libraries for developers to integrate into their existing web sites and applications.

Adaptive architecture.

The Aeris Weather API utilizes a completely redesigned infrastructure combined with cloud-based services and content delivery networks (CDN) to improve reliability and speed. Since weather content needs can change just as quickly as the weather itself, our flexible infrastructure allows us to respond to increasing demands and loads, ensuring you never lose access to your data when you need it most.

Global reach.

Just because you need international data doesn't mean you should pay more. We provide access to locations and weather data for not just US locations, but worldwide, and is included for all plans.

Detailed extended forecasts.

Our weather forecast data extends well beyond the usual three and five day forecasts, providing you with up to fifteen days of forecasts. Forecast data is available in standard daily summary and day/night formats, or in hourly intervals down to a single hour.

Simply Put.

Since Aeris is streamlined across all data sets, you will always know what to expect, whether it's a successful response or an invalid request. All requests are provided in a simple JSON/JSONP format, which means your data will be easier to use and can integrate flawlessly into existing content management systems.