Aeris Weather API

Effortless integration of weather for your applications.

Customize your Aeris API subscription by selecting the package containing the features you want and the total number of accesses you need. Then enhance your subscription by selecting one of the interactive tile options.

Aeris API Plan

Step 1
Select your API plan.
Step 2
Select your API accesses.

* Credit is required for commercial usage of our free Developer account. Review our Credit Policy for details.
** Premium API plans include the Standard Tiles - 250k option at no additional cost.
** Enterprise API plans include the Advanced Tile - 250k option at no additional cost.

Aeris Tile Options

Step 3
Select your tile option.
  • Precipitation type radar
    Visible & infrared satellite

  • Standard tiles
    Current temperatures
    Current wind speed
    Sea surface temperatures
    Sea chlorophyll and more

What's Included?

  • $0/mo

  • Interactive Tiles


  • Total


Don't see a plan that fits? We can work with you directly to find a subscription package that works for you. Just contact us for more information.

Non-Commercial and Educational Use? Contact us about free or reduced rates for non-commercial and educational uses.


What can I do with this?

Our Aeris Weather API can be used for many different applications. Since our default output format is JSON, Aeris data can be seamlessly imported into any existing application or content management system. You can also use one of our mobile toolkits to incorporate weather content into your iOS or Android applications without worrying about parsing the API output.

What are endpoints?

Endpoints refer to the types of weather data provided with the Aeris Weather API, such as observations or forecasts. These are always the starting point for requesting weather content and can be expanded upon by including any one of the supported parameters for that endpoint, such as filter or query.

Do I have to include a credit back to HAMweather?

All of our paid account levels do not require you to provide credit back to us within your applications that use our API. However, our free Developer account does require you to provide our logo and/or a link back to the HAMweather site within your applications when used commercially only. Review our Credit Policy for more information.

What if I go beyond my daily request limit?

When you are within 10% of your daily limit, the API will include a warn_maxhits_daily warning in its response output. Additionally, paid accounts are often allowed to spike over their daily limit by as much as 25%, afterwhich the API will begin returning a maxhits_daily error once you have exceeded your allowed accesses for the day. You can review your current and previous days access usage stats from your account area.

What are maximum accesses per minute?

This is the maximum allowed API requests per minute. We understand there may be peaks in usage and do not currently strictly enforce the limit. However, if a client overloads the system with requests, we reserve the right to limit the number of requests per minute based on their account level. Note that a batch request will count as only one request toward your maximum requests per minute.

What are the interactive overlays and how are they used?

The interactive overlays included in our Premium and Enterprise plans are the map tiles offered for use in our mobile toolkits. These overlays can be displayed using the built-in interactive weather map included in the toolkits or using your own custom implementations. Interactive overlays are only available with a valid Aeris Mobile license for iOS and/or Android.

Do I have access to international weather data?

Yes, our weather API provides access to international places, observations and forecasts for international locations for all of our plans.