Aeris Weather Maps

A look beyond the data.


The weather can be complex, but your presentation of it doesn't have to be. Feature your weather using our vast library of stunning, clear and easy-to-understand maps. View Map Options

Your maps. Your brand.

Enhance your site and extend your company brand by customizing each map with your own unique brand and look.

Wide variety.

We provide a large collection of weather graphics because a simple temperature graphic is just never enough to explain the weather. View Map Options


Give your users more control over their weather. Our graphics packages come with an advanced, feature-rich interactive weather map application that offers much of the same weather data as our static maps but with a more hands-on approach. Map overlays include imagery such as radar and satellite, as well as point data, such as storm cells and severe weather reports. View the Interactive Map

Branding options.

All of our weather imagery can be branded and customized to better reflect your own site or application's identity, strengthening your web presence and increasing the number of loyal users. Options include custom headers, logos, watermarks and colors.

Create your own.

Most of our packages offer basic weather imagery, including current temperatures and radar to more specialized content, such as tropical systems and climate outlooks. However, you may find your application needs something more unique or specific to a certain region, activity or usage. We offer professional services to work with you directly to create the exact imagery you're after.