Aeris Mobile

Let us handle the weather.

Convenient. Painless.

Focus on building great mobile apps, not on fetching and parsing weather content. We already have the weather covered for you.

Designed for mobile.

A series of development toolkits for quickly integrating Aeris content into your mobile applications that is just as flexible and easy to use as the core API powering them.

Interactive weather.

Includes pre-built views and map overlays utilizing the power of Aeris, allowing you to quickly including the weather you need into your applications.

Drag + drop.

Although it's not quite drag-and-drop, our pre-built views are already designed and coded for you to use anywhere within your application. Just create an instance of the Aeris view and add into your application's existing views. Full screen views or simpler, single views are available and can be styled for your application, providing you with even more flexibility.

Supports iOS + Android.

Our Aeris mobile toolkits are available for both iOS and Android platforms. Glance over our mobile SDK documentation to see just how simple it can be to integrate Aeris into your mobile applications.