Hosted Weather Sites

Build a weather website quickly and easily.

Instant weather.

A fully functional weather site up and running in minutes. No server. No programming. Woven into your website with your branding, look and feel. Turn your site into THE weather resource for your visitors.

Graphics included.

Every hosted site is combined with one of our Aeris Graphics plans, not only providing you with weather data, but also our vast library of quality weather imagery.

Options built-in.

All variations and options currently supported are built right into each hosted weather site, not only for data but also for all of our Aeris Graphics imagery.


Our hosted weather solution is only an additional $50 per month on top of any Aeris Graphics subscription (one-time initial setup fee not included). We host everything for you, including all maps, HTML content and imagery, across our vast server infrastructure so you an rest assured your weather site will be up and running at all times.

Build your Brand

Keep visitors on your site, don't hand them over to someone else. By building a weather page that has your branding and is integrated into your keep visitors on your page. You no longer need to lose those visitors, now you can cater to them.

Weather Adds Value

By integrating weather into your website or application, you are adding value for your visitors. Everyone cares about the weather. If you build a great weather page with HAMweather Hosted Sites, your visitors will stay longer, and overall will be more satisfied with your site.